Easy Steps to Dry Clean a Carpet

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1. Buy a Reliable Ally

Having the best carpet cleaning product is actually one of the most important things in cleaning your carpet. From boosters, bonnets, deodorizers, down to pre-sprays, you should ensure that you are having the best brands available. In order to make sure that you will buy a premium cleaning solution, you may contact a professional and highly reputable home supply expert. As a matter of fact, you may search online and look for the best products used these professionals. However, you should always make sure you know how to differentiate a hoax from a true or legit product.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

2.Vacuum to the Tee

Vacuuming your carpet is actually the second step of cleaning your carpet. This procedure is very essential since it will just serve as a preparation before using cleaning chemicals or agents. According to research studies, correct use of a vacuum removes 80 percent of the dirt on your carpet.

3. Spread the Cleaning Solution

After the use of your vacuum, next would be the spreading of cleaning solution to the surface of your carpet. The certain rate of sprinkling the cleaning agent depends on the specification of the product. Hence, you need to read the instructions carefully in order to prevent miscalculation. In addition to that, you have to leave the cleaning products for a period of time to make sure that the fibers of your carpet deeply absorb the cleaning agents as well. Another method to effectively do this is to use carpet steam cleaning method.

4. Finishing Touches

You have to use a brush that is soft in order to get rid of the stains. If there is no available soft brush, you may utilize a clean broom to make the cleaning agent spread a little deeper to reach the surface roots of the dirt. After a few more minutes, you may use a vacuum in order to totally clean your carpet.

5. Bonnet Technique

If you just can afford it, you may try the bonnet cotton method to complete the process of dry cleaning. This procedure needs a spinning equipment which will induce the cleaning chemicals to your carpet. The rotating pads of the cleaning device will separate the dirt from the fibers of your carpet.

These are just simple steps in dry cleaning your carpet which even a beginner can always do. The whole procedure will just last for at least 1 hour however, the outcome will make any carpet looks freshly new once more for the next years to come. Now, if you love to dry clean your any of your carpets, you should consider some factors in order to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Three Factors You Need to Consider Before Dry Cleaning a Carpet

1. Type of the Carpet

Ensure to check the carpet’s type in order to prevent using the inappropriate cleaning products.

2. Severity of Stain

In order to make sure that the carpet will be thoroughly cleaned, you have to check the type of stain present.

3. Weather

This is a very essential factor to consider if your carpet requires a longer time to dry or else, fungi and molds will likely grow on your rugs and carpets.

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